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It's been proven that playing the right music in your venue creates the perfect ambience for your customers. It will keep them in store for longer and help to increase your sales! Playing the wrong music can simply drive your customers away!

Whether you require a bespoke music solution for one or several hundred stores, or wish to subscribe to our switchable choice of ready made playlists - Instore Radio have you covered.

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Instore Radio

Pay & Go Music Playlists

Choose From A Selection Of Ready-Made Playlists

Our Pay & Go service is simple to use. Whether you require laid back easy listening music, for example a coffee shop, or more upbeat energetic music for your high street fashion store, there’s a ready-made playlist to suit all.

Switch playlists whenever you fancy

You might prefer to have different tempos at different times of the day, for example upbeat for a Saturday afternoon, or nice and chilled on a Sunday morning. No problem, at the click of a button switch to an alternate playlist.

Rolling month contract +1 month trial!

Try us out for free! We’re confident you’ll love our playlists, so we’ll not tie you down to any lengthy contracts.

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Bespoke Music Services

Playlists Tailored To Your Store

Working with our advisers, we’ll create the perfect music playlist to compliment your venue.

Choice of hardware

You can use your own pc or tablet etc, or we can supply a dedicated music streaming box.

We can also offer a full equipment and installation service if required.

Bespoke advertising

If required, our commercial production department can produce your commercials and add them to your music mix. This will compliment your current sale promotions, giving the perception of having your own branded radio station.

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We know our stuff

We’ve been creating perfect environments for our clients customers since 1999. As a leading innovator of streamed music, we supply bespoke programmes for millions of ears - shopping, relaxing or just browsing, every day.

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