Covid-19 Customer Safety Messages

Instore Radio have been supplying instore audio solutions and telephone on-hold services
to the retail, hospitality, and leisure industries for over 21 years.
Research shows 75% of customers will only shop in an environment they feel safe in.
If you combine both visual and audio messages in your venue, your customers
retention of your important Covid-19 safety messages increases by over 65%
With instore announcements we can help you reassure your customers that 
your brand takes their health and safety seriously and make them feel safe in your venue.
Please have a browse around our site to discover our instore background music, telephone on-hold 
and important instore announcements service that can help you stand out from the crowd!

Bespoke playlist

All music playlists are tailor-made to your individual requirements, complimenting your brand. Our motto is "Music Should Sound As Good As Your Brand Looks, Tastes & Feels"

Personalised adverts

This is an ideal opportunity to reinforce your Covid-19 safety messages and enhance your brand identity. Personalised adverts are interspersed with your music programme so you have the perception of your own fully branded Instore Radio.

Full installation

At Instore Radio we offer a full installation service. With technical staff experienced working with broadband and network communications, public address amplifiers and speaker systems.

What our customers say: