Welcome to Instore Radio

Instore Radio have been providing bespoke background music solutions for the retail, motor and leisure industries for over 20 years.

Never before has it been so important to enhance your customers experience whilst in your venue. Whether you have a store, hotel, restaurant or café, car dealership, hair salon or gym, we work with you to understand your brand and your target customer. We'll ensure the right music is played at the right time to compliment your brand.

Whether you require our tailor-made music solution for one or several hundred stores, or wish to subscribe to our switchable choice of ready made playlists - Instore Radio will help you create the perfect ambience and increase your sales!

Bespoke playlist

All music playlists are tailor-made to your individual requirements, complimenting your brand. Our motto is "Music Should Sound As Good As Your Brand Looks, Tastes & Feels"

Personalised adverts

This is an ideal opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and increase sales by incorporating personalised adverts that are interspersed with your music programme.

Full installation

At Instore Radio Productions we offer a full installation service. With technical staff experienced working with broadband and network communications, public address amplifiers and speaker systems.

What our customers say: