Carefully selected music in your spa designed to relax the body and mind. Or in the gym, high energy music carefully created to motivate and sustain. Instore Radio will provide a tailor-made continuous music programme designed to create the most relaxing spa experience or motivational workout in your gym.

Case study

Raithwaites Estate Hotel and Spa

Background music played in the spa at Raithwaites is a mixture of ambient chill out music specifically selected to maintain the utmost relaxing experience for their customers. The treatment rooms at the spa requested an even more relaxed Zen music to enhance the mood and bring total peacefulness and tranquillity.

What they say

“Having non-stop streamed music throughout the hotel and spa is one less thing to have to think about. We receive various styles of music to multiple zones throughout the hotel and spa. The music streamed to the spa is perfect to compliment the relaxed atmosphere for our customers. The beauty is that the right genre of music is being played, day and night, without any interaction from me or the staff.”
Alejandro Torrecilla General Manager of Raithwaite’s Estate Hotel and Spa.