Tailored music to create a welcoming atmosphere that compliments your brand, targeting your demographic and trading pattern. Music to entertain your customers, increase dwell time, encourage repeat visits, motivate staff and ultimately increase sales. Add marketing adverts (if required), to help increase your sales!

Case study

Slater Menswear has been playing our music to their customers since 2003.

Each store receives an individual stream of suitable music with marketing sales adverts, produced in our studios. The music is made up of classic hits from the 60’s to now, retaining an even tempo and ambience. Music is added to their selected genres regularly as well as seasonal music, when required. The music is randomly selected from their required genre list and never played in the same sequence.

What they say

"The bespoke instore radio station is great for us as retailers, as it allows us to target our customers with each month's current offers and increase sales within advertised departments. The customers love the music and when some of the oldies come on you can hear them singing along." Slater Menswear