ROYALTY FREE MUSIC (also known as Non-Copyright Music)

We have an extensive selection of Royalty Free music to suit all tastes and brands. Using Royalty Free music eliminates the need for any site music licenses, saving your company money on the cost of PPL and PRS music licenses.

Case study

TJ Hughes have 25 discount department stores across the UK. They stopped playing music in store due to the high cost of music licence fees. We offered an alternative solution using licence free music, in keeping with their branding. We helped create the perfect ambience and both staff and customers have felt the benefit.

We incorporate professional voice-overs with marketing sales announcements to help promote their current promotional events, helping to increase their sales!

What they say

“TJ Hughes are overwhelmed with the quality of our new Instore Radio, Royalty Free music. The team at Instore Radio do an excellent job at creating strong promotional messaging that increase the customer engagement at store level.”
Kate Bloxsome Marketing Manager TJ Hughes