Garages/Car Dealerships

Tailor-made bespoke music welcomes your customers and creates the perfect ambience. Music to motivate the staff and compliment your brand. Uplifting, positive music engages customers and staff leading to increased dwell time, repeat visits and ultimately more sales. If required, add marketing adverts to promote current sales and promotions, helping to increase awareness and sales!

Case study

Imperial car supermarkets approached Instore Radio in 2013 requesting a tailor-made music programme giving the perception of “Imperial Car Radio”, incorporating their own produced sales adverts and idents. We provide a continuous unique radio style programme incorporating upbeat, high energy music tracks combined with bespoke adverts

What they say

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Instore Radio. They are always on hand if ever there’s a request or query, and the flexibility to change content in a matter of hours (if and when necessary) is something I have found hugely helpful for my clients. The streaming feed is consistent, the product is neat and tidy and it’s simple plug-and-play type set up is ideal for my clients to self maintain. In my opinion, it’s the easiest and most reliable form of in-store radio on the market.”
Claire Bell, Imperial Car Supermarket’s