We’ve put together a set of some of our frequently asked questions below. Have a look and see if it answers your query. If you still have a question about any aspect of our service – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A: As the bespoke option is specifically tailored to your unique brand, we will need to discuss exactly what you require. Together we will produce a background music playlist created for your needs, with the option of incorporating sales adverts.

A: You can play the same music playlist list in multiple shops, but each outlet will require a separate stream, applies to both Pay & Go and Bespoke music.

A: No, you can switch to other playlists at any time. You have the versatility of choosing various genres of music for different times of the day. Once you’ve signed up to the Pay & Go option, it’s up to you what you choose from the website, throughout the day or night!

A: Yes, you need your own site license from the music licensing bodies, PPL and PRS to play copyright music in public areas in any outlet. The cost of the license is based on the size of the area used by the public, where the music is reached.

A: No, you do not need a license from PPL or PRS to play non copyright music. However, we recommend if you’re considering using non copyright music, to make sure that it compliments your brand / image?

A: For the Pay & Go option, you simply need a broadband connection to receive the playlist stream from the website. This can be received on various media, including a smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer etc, and connected to your sound system. The Bespoke option can be received in exactly the same way, or we can supply a purpose made streaming box, dedicated to receiving the music stream. We can also provide the Bespoke option on a hard disc system, that can be updated direct from our servers. This option is useful in areas where there is poor broadband quality.

A: We offer two options. Pay & Go is a cost effective solution for any type of outlet. Once you sign up and log in you simply select a playlist, direct through this website, that compliments your brand and enjoy a 24 hour stream of quality background music. You also have the option of switching playlists whenever you want. Our Bespoke option allows you the option of having adverts/presenter links, giving the impression of having your own bespoke instore radio station. The presenter links are proven to help increase your sales!

A: We don’t believe in tying customers into lengthy contracts. We believe once you’re receiving your background music from Instore Radio, you will want to continue enjoying a 24 hour stream of quality music, whether you choose the Pay & Go or Bespoke option.

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