Salons/Hair & Beauty

Music solutions for beauty and hair salons specifically created to target your demographic and style. Music can be varied throughout the day according to your trading pattern. Carefully selected music genres are tailored to enhance your brand and entertain your customers, creating the perfect vibe for your salon.

Case study

Cosentino’s is an Italian hair salon with a combined café which is vibrant and colourful. Their tailor-made music programme reflects their brand and image. Catering for a wide demographic we hit the middle line with a mixture of classic timeless hits as well as incorporating appropriate chart music. Seasonal music is remotely added as well as any current sales and marketing messages.

What they say

"Instore Radio give us a first-class music service. It’s great knowing the music plays continuously without any interaction from the staff. The music is varied and never repetitive, keeping the staff motivated. We use the marketing messaging service from time to time, which let’s our customers know about our special offers. I would highly recommend Instore Radio." Melissa Cosentino Company Director