Equipment & Installations

You can receive our music stream using your own media, eg: pc, laptop, tablet or mobile phone etc. Simply connect your chosen device to your broadband and sound system and you are ready to play your music programme out to your customers.

Live Streaming


We also offer the option of providing a streaming receiver box. These boxes are extremely reliable in a number of environments. This is primarily because:

  1. They have no moving parts, so there is no scope for mechanical breakdown.
  2. They perform one single, simple task – no need to be removed or used for other purposes.
  3. They generate very little heat and so can run 24/7
  4. Should your broadband go down, the streaming box is programmed to play a back up music programme until the signal is resumed.

Hard Disc Player

If you don’t have an internet connection then our Hard Disc Player solution is ideal for you. This unit has thousands of music tracks stored on it’s hard drive. We’ll programme the perfect playlist for your venue for you and the music is updated monthly via a USB sent in the post, so your music is always up to date.

If your unit requires speakers and amplification equipment, we offer a full installation service.  Our team of installers and technical staff are experienced working with broadband and network communications, public address amplifiers and speaker systems. Contact us for a quotation.